Behind the scene

A Taste Explosion
With Chef Stefan

Our super talented Chef Stefan has over 20 years of cooking experience and creates mind-blowing dishes inspired by his epic travels.


At TERÉ Seminyak, you’ll soon discover what makes our signature dishes totally unforgettable.

Bali’s Beauty On A Plate

We’re in love with Bali – its harmony, the magical mix of people, and of course, the fresh and delicious ingredients. When you dine with us, you’ll experience these beautiful elements fused into crazy-good culinary masterpieces.

Casual Dining Meets Five-Star Service

With an amazing chef like Stefan leading the way and our fantastic staffs taking care of you, we’re confident you’ll have the time of your life at TERÉ Seminyak. And that’s not all – we’re dedicated to making our workplace just as awesome as our restaurant for the whole team.

So round up your friends and join us at TERÉ Seminyak! Get ready to explore fantastic flavors and have a blast as we take you on a culinary journey like no other, right in the heart of Bali.

See you soon!

Behind the scene

Sanjoyo satrio setiono or famously known as John. A man with a story as vibrant as the ink adorning his skin, he is not just a bartender, but a captivating enigma who leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of those he serves. This is the tale of John, the tattooed mixologist that creates a truly intoxicating experience with a smile that can kill.

One of john’s masterpiece is Ranu Kumbolo, a cocktail that will make you experience love at the first sight